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Yongkang Wengshi Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 and located in the Hardware Central of China-Yongkang. The factory cover more than 20000 square meter and owned 200 well trained employee.We are the professional supplier of non-stick aluminum cookware. Our main products are die-casting aluminium cookware,forged aluminium cookware,stamping aluminium cookware cookware and have a complete range of sizes. We have the most advanced equipments and professional team. Our output for non-stick cookware is 400000pcs per month. Our products got certificate for ROHS,FDA,LFBG and so on.
     Our products sold-well in Europe,U.S.A. Korea,Japan and Middle east. Honesty Quality and lnnovation is the tenet of our company. Your satisfaction is the guarantee and dynamic for our development.
     We hope to cooperate with all the friends domestic and oversea and create a better future together.

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  • 荣誉证书
  • 荣誉证书

I provide a healthy drink for every family,
Meet your needs for healthy food!

In the world of food, eat bitter bitter, side for people who have a new meaning: for the baby, can eat bitter taste of food, you can help them enhance the immune system,
Stay away from disease. Although the bitter taste of food, similar to the bitter gourd does not necessarily have to be born to love the sweet baby welcome, but if the mother to spend some careful thinking,
Do some special bitter dishes, but also can cause them to eat "bitter" interest.

Because with the increase of age, the elderly will continue to reduce the absorption of
calcium in the body, the elderly lack of calcium, prone to bone decalcification,
Osteoporosis, etc.. Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to the following three principles.

Avoid empty stomach to eat banana
Bananas in addition to containing Zhumian potassium, but also contains large amounts of
magnesium, fasting for human consumption, will the amount of magnesium in the
blood increased sharply,Magnesium is one of the sensitive elements that affect the heart function.

Avoid fasting eat pineapple
Pineapple contains strong enzymes, fasting eat will hurt the stomach, its nutritional
components must be in order to better be absorbed after eating.
Avoid drinking a lot of cold drinks
Temperature difference too much to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, leading to sudden contracture. Early in the morning do not empty stomach to drink vinegar or eat garlic.
Fasting drink vinegar can lead to heartburn and stomach injury; and Allicin may cause irritation to the gastric mucosa, intestinal wall, cause stomach cramps.